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  1. Cassie and Derek, we are so upset ourselves about this news and reading your blog made me cry but I know you both are very strong and determined people, look at you already creating a blog! I really believe you will get through this Cassie and it’s from nothing you did wrong, we both live a similar lifestyle, healthy food, 2 kids, so don’t blame yourself. And I breastfed Ollie for much longer than Ethan and Ollie has the weaker immune system so Polly will fine as heartbreaking as it is to stop breastfeeding, it’s for your health also.
    We are thinking you and if you ever need anything please do not hesitate to ask (even if we are in Adelaide!!)

  2. Hi Cassie and Derek,
    We’re so sad to hear this news. We know that if anyone can beat this you can.
    Cassie, you’re such a positive and determined person and breast cancer has chosen the wrong girl!!!
    One of the mums I knew at kindy, 4 years ago, had breast cancer. She, like you, couldn’t understand why – she had no ‘risk factors’ and was only 34. She is now in remission and is enjoying a happy and healthy life with her husband and daughters Abbey and Stella.
    All our prayers and thoughts are with you and your beautiful family.
    Lots of love
    John and Shelley Martin

  3. OH Cass ,There isn’t anything anyone can say right now. We send to you all …ALL ! our deepest love and wishes to you and your immediate and extended family at this time. I wish we didn’t live so far apart Cass. If you are likely to have treatment in Bris we will be near you in a heartbeat to listen, support, encourage , love , laugh, cry with you and your precious family.. You have been in our hearts … my boys who normally say nothing ask several times a day if we have heard any news and have asked me to tell you they are thinking of you and sending lots and lots of lv. I fever you do feel like a talk … it doesn’t matter what time or what day … please ring. love you all lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAunty Deb., Uncle brian, Ben Jack ,Ned xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Cas, from the first time we met you guys, we always knew that nothing would ever stand in your way in life, and this, is nothing but a road bump for someone of your strength and determination. I love that in your go-get-it way you already have a blog up and are willing to share such a personal time with people as a way of potentially helping others, this is a testament to you as a person. We know you will kicks its arse with the support of all the awesome people around you. Massive love to You, Derek, Rosie and Polly!

  5. Dear Cassie, Derek, Rosie and Polly, You are in our hearts and thoughts and we are sending all our positive vibes your way. Having done a little Reiki in the past I really recommend it if you can get a chance, really great to clear the head if nothing else. Lots of love to you all Dell, Tim & Isabella xoxxox

  6. Dear Cassie, Derek, Rosie and Polly, That sucks! We’re thinking of you all. Lot’s of Love Ferg, Jess, Maggie and Elkie

  7. Cassie and Derek, can’t stop thinking of you. If you come to Brisbane for treatment, I’d love to help in any way. Even though you and Chris haven’t met, I’ve told him lots of stories about you and he was sad too. His ex had breast and cervical cancer in her 30s at the same time 6ish years ago, and after surgery and radiation is now healthy. Apart from being a McDonaldarian and KFCarian…… Our thoughts and love go to all of you, love Mandy and Chris xxxxxxx

  8. Cassie ,Derek Rosie, Polly
    I was so shocked to hear the news when your mum phoned us. All I can say is that you a very strong woman and you will get through this for you, Derek and your children . You will have so much support and love from everyone around you. Sending loving thoughts and wishes to you and your family.
    love from Sandy n Ken

  9. Cass, so sorry to learn of your news. I’ve disabled FB so Sophie very kindly emailed me. I am thinking of you and your beautiful family at this time. And if there is anything I can do to help then please do ask. Lots of love. Tara x

  10. Hi Cassie and Derek,
    We haven’t met you Cassie but feel that we know you through Derek’s Mum and Dad who are very good friends of ours, we feel that we know you because they have kept us updated with photos and news of you all, especially the children who are beautiful and bring Sue and Dave so much pleasure. Our dear friend Joni in the USA had breastcancer some 5 years ago and is fine now and doing well (touch wood), she came over with her husband a couple of weeks ago and is the picture of health. We wish you the same, stay strong. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Love Sandi and Barry (UK)

  11. Dear Cassie and Derek, what devasting news you have had! Just be assured of our prayers. God is greater than any disease. I must tell you how much pleasure we get out of Rosie’s little visits with Sue. She is an utterly delightful child and a wonderful credit to you both. Much love to you both, Frances and Don

  12. Cassie, you have always and will always be a success in every area of your life! You will be such an inspiration in years to come to other women diagnosed with breast cancer, to show them beating it can be possible! Not to mention your girls will see you as a superhero for conquering this!

  13. Dearest Cassie, We are devestated by your sad news and want you to know that you are surrounded by our love always.
    You are such a beautiful amazing young woman and you will come out of this even stronger than before. Our love thoughts
    and prayers are with you and Derek and your beautiful girls, Rosie and Polly.
    Love from us all..Aunty Marie, Uncle Noel, David, Peter and Anne and families. xxxxx

  14. Dear Cas,
    I’ve been struggling to come to terms with this awful news, as I’m sure you have too. I do wish Cancer would leave our family alone!
    Please know you are in our thoughts and our hearts constantly.
    You can do this Cassie…..continue to use your wonderful husband and those sweet little girls as inspiration to get over each hurdle.
    With much love always,
    Anne, Andrew, Joseph & Ivy -xxxx-

  15. Dear Cassie and Derek, We were shocked to hear your news – and would like you both to know of our prayers, love and support at this time for you and also for your beautiful daughters. The title of your blog is great and we appreciate the fact that you’ve created it. You’ve stated that you’ve identified that the blog is “also as a bit of therapy for myself”. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago, my wonderful nephew sent me a book titled, “Writing as a Way of Healing” by Louise DeSalvo. I had always tended to ‘journal’ at difficult times throughout my life and this book explained the ‘academic’ side of the process. Writing allows you to clarify your thoughts. Blogs make it just so much more convenient.

    Best wishes in the days, weeks and months ahead.
    Love from Mary and Lindsay.

  16. Hi Cassie
    Kez and I were so sad to hear the news.But knowing your mum and the genes she would have passed on to you we know in our hearts there will be a happy ending to this setback in your life. We in the west know that you will come through this life experience because you have a wonderful family to be there for you. Use them. Laugh, cry, scream, be heard. Let us all know that Cassie is here to stay.
    love,thoughts and prayers
    John and Kez Mitchell

  17. Hi Cassie,
    Wishing you all the best in your fight. I was pregnant with #3 when I got diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy and underwent chemo whilst pregnant. After my son Zachie was born I had more chemo, radiation and hormone therapy. I’m in remission now but it was a tough fight all the way. I can empathise with what you’ve written so far. We learnt that the experts were only experts so far and couldn’t give us definitive answers when we desperately wanted them. Everything happened at such a quick pace that we didn’t have much time to process the news, the impact of it on everyone around us, or how we planned to fight it as a team. My hubby refused to acknowledge anything but a positive outcome but I wanted to know all the facts to “be as prepared as possible”. My 2 girls didn’t know exactly what was going on but I was informed by my indignant 4 year old to put my hair back. We now look back at my bald shots as the Shrek days. Some days are easier than others – even now. Get through a minute or an hour and the day will take care of itself. We had to get Zachie checked regularly due to his exposure to chemo in utero, and even now when he gets sick I’m especially wary. Just know that you have support – even from strangers like me – who want to help you on your journey. Thinking of you and your family. If you need to chat, ask any questions or vent with another person whose gone through it pls don’t hesitate! Sincerely, Claud :o)

  18. Dear Cassie
    You don’t know me – may have heard my name mentioned (not always nicely I might add – hey DH!!). I work with Derek and it was nice to see him back yesterday purely for selfish reasons – I have been wanting to have a bit of a chat to him about what to expect, etc from his point of view, as I went through the big BC 15 years ago. I was given 6 months to live and am still here to tell people about it 15 years on. I won’t pretend to know what you are going through because everyone is different. I am a mother of 4 but thankfully mine were all teenagers when I found the lump, though I was the same age as you. My youngest was 12 and that was the hardest thing, telling him because everyone he had ever heard of with Cancer had died. Anyway, I get off the point (nothing unusual for me!). When I was diagnosed, as I said I was given 6 months to live and the stats then were that one in four survived – I can recall exactly what I said to the Dr when he told me that, ‘Gee I feel really bad for the other 3!’. How selfish was that, but I clearly informed him that I had 4 kids and a husband to annoy for a bit longer yet.
    I had a full mastectomy, no reconstruction options were offered immediatly after but I could of had it after all my treatment was finished. By then I was done and dusted with bloody hospitals though! I had 6 weeks of radio on a daily basis, 6 months of chemo in conjunction with an experimental treatment which included stem cell transplant. I am more than comfortable with my ‘chicken breast fillet’ although i must admit that I often forget to wear it and am also comfortable being lopsided. My husband says I don’t have a cleavage any more – just a cleave! We have learned very early in the process to keep our sense of humour (and it can be quite twisted at times!).
    After the treatment, and all our family went through in the process, I reprioritised my life – don’t sweat the small or big stuff any more and if I’m not happy somewhere (workwise), I simply move on, which is what I’m about to do. When I was diagnosed, I was living in Canberra and working as an Exec Assistant to a CEO of a private company, and this was a very high pressure, stressful job. Well I decided that I no longer needed stress in my life so quit and joined the public service (pretty cushy jobs!!). We went through hell and back as a family, with not only my diagnosis, but i won’t go into that (teenagers = YUCK, both fathers ill, and other stuff), but we survived and are stronger for it. I have told Derek that if either of you want someone outside of family to talk to, any time day or night, just to call – he has my mobile number. I will be following your blog long distance – we are moving to Darwin next week, and I have your webpage added to my favourites.
    The Breast Care nurses are wonderful! They know more about what you will be going through than anyone! You will rely on them for support and information, as will Derek. I’m not sure what other services are out there these days, but hopefully there is something available for the partners and other family members, as it needs to be remembered they are victims/sufferers as well.
    The love of my husband and kids kept me going, and I know that is what will keep you going as well. Derek’s eyes light up whenever he is talking about Rosie and Polly and I can see the love he has for them both as well as for you.
    Take care and I wish you all the best in your treatment and recovery.

  19. Hi Cassie, just letting you know that we are all thinking about you during this tough time. I read your blogs and you truly are a strong and inspiring woman. Thinking of you always

  20. Cassie all the best for your recovery,my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ..Natalie ( Natalesha’s Cafe)

  21. Hi Cassie,

    So glad that your op is over and has gone well. It’s good that your appetite has returned as good food will help you to recover. You are very brave and positive. Your photo with your little girls is lovely, they are so beautiful. Stay strong and positive. Have your rest and take all the help you are offered. Good wishes for your treatment and recovery. Bless you. I continue to say prayers for you.

    Sandi (UK)

  22. Hi Cassie, My name is Sondra Mitchell a friend of Sue & Davids, not your age, but I have gone a year back the same as you have gone through as of this month now. I gave the business card to Sue at the markets of my surgeon down at the Wesley and you went to her partner as Jenny is pregnant with her second child. You could not be with a better group of women, who care and make you feel as one of their family, which we need. I have been through excatly the same as you Lymph Nodes 13 taken out of my left arm. We are all different and treatment will affect you in most probably a different way to what mine did. Don ‘t kid yourself it is a hard journey, 6 lots of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation, which I was down at the Wesley for the radiation on my own. Your family and friends are the most important thing in your life right now. My husband took it rather badly, I think worse than I did, I just kept saying I have hit this Bloody big brick wall and that I am going to remove a brick out of it each day. When I went to see Jenny my surgeon, after that I waa told that I had to have left breast off I just said take both that I didn,t weant to go through this again. My results have been a little different to yours, I have a spot on spine and on right rib which showed up in bone scans. I now am on hormonal theropy and as I call it my monthly feed of Zometa once a month to keep bone cancer away(f it is bone cancer). Strangly enoughy if I had a four sided coin I could toss it and get a result on this. One says its bone cancer, my radiation Dr says she is not seeing it that way, oncologist says he will treat it in case it is. Recent bone scans say it hasn’t grown, which means things are working. I have just come back on Saturday on seeing Jenny for tests on my right breast and all is good and that she doesn’t want to see me for another year, Ye Ha. This wednesday I go to Mater in Rocky for my feed and Thursday to see my Oncologist, hope results are to his liking. I went to North West hospital for my Op and was very happy with them, also Janine is wonderful at Choices at the Wesley. I have had a lot of support and still need it. My daughter Katie did a wonderful thing for me when my hair started to fall out, she went to our local hairdresser and had her head shaved for me, to show her love and support. You know this was one of the things that hurt me the most, called her a lot of names and cried a lot. As Sue will tell you I am a tall lady, always presented myself well, the look good feel better is good, makes you look at yourself in a different way when you are going through chemo. Would like to keep in contact with you and you are always welcome to visit when you are home, Sue knows where I live. All the best through your journey and it will be your journey no one elses. Love and best wishes Sondra

  23. Hi Cassie,
    So glad to hear your op went well, and the recovery process is now underway.
    You are every a very strong woman so stay possitve.
    Good luck with the treatments and I am sure the girls and Derek will be over the moon to have you home again soon.
    Sending you lots of good wishes

  24. Hi Cassie,

    Sending much love your way. You are being very strong. Please know your are in our thoughts.

    Jess, Fergus, Maggie and Elkie.

  25. Hi Cassie, My name is Tiffany, Sheri asked me if I would like to see your blog and maybe contact you. 18 months ago I had a right mastectomy and partial reconstruction (have not felt the need to finish final part). Four months before my diagnosis I separated from my husband and became a single mother of 2 children, now 12 and 10. Just when I thought my life was turning around I was hit with the news of Breast Cancer and that I would have to remove my right breast. Everything moved so quickly I could barely breathe and take it all in.

    I am now starting to get my life back together (it has been a hard process) and have put the breast cancer behind me. I still do not know if I have processed everything or if I have just pushed it into a file somewhere but life is getting better and I am healthy again.

    Please feel free to contact me if you would like.

  26. Hi Cassie – You dont know me but I am a 45 year old who also has breast cancer. I was diagnosed on May 8, 2012, the day after my 45th birthday. I actually have both invasive ductual and invasive lobualar breast cancer. It was only in one breast but due to high recurrency rate in lobular cancer, i choose to have a bilateral masctomy. I had surgery on June 15, 2012, double mascetomy with expanders placed. I am having chemo with my last treatment being next week. I know its had to handle this diagnosis, but stay positive and fight!!!!! We both can beat this. I am hear if you have any question for someone going through it at the same time as you.

  27. “a cousin is like the sister you never had”
    your strong and tackle the hardest things and are going to get through this…
    u are an inspiration and are like one of the strongest people i know!!!!

    Shanna xoxo

  28. My sweet little Cassie, How dare the universe throw this one at you, please know that our past together has always created a protectiveness for you by me as a big sister, I think you know what I mean 🙂 Well look out Universe because I hope it knows what it feels like to come out second best, if not its going to…. Because the Cas I know is a fighter! There was a heart in Farlap but by god there is something else in you and your beautiful husband and precious little angels are going to see you through this just by looking into their eyes, because the four of you have a whole beautiful life ahead of you. Cas I saw your mum today…… I will be seeing your mum every chance I get, My darling I can only imagine what lies ahead in your journey of treatment etc, but please note that when ever you feel that cold, hard brick wall in front of you, take a deep breath and turn around and soak in how far you have come, and when you turn back to confront that wall,…..for some reason, its no longer there and you can move forward again, step by step you own this, this you will BEAT!
    I love you mybeautiful Cassie,
    Always Kate xoxox

  29. Hi Cassie
    Andrew, Arden, Josh, Beth, Bailey and myself are thinking of you everyday. You are so incredibly brave it is an inspiration.
    Love Aunty Deb

  30. Hi Cassie,

    My name is Liss, I run lissfit, an outdoor group training group in Perth WA.
    Your beautiful Aunty Deb is one of my clients and she shared with me your story of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Cassie, I think you are so brave and wonderful and such an inspiration with your heartfelt honesty in your blog.
    Our group of training girls will be completing the Triathlon Pink – you might have heard of it…its a non competitive triathlon for women and a big fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
    As a group, we would like to dedicate our efforts in this race to you Cassie.
    You will be our driver to train hard and work through the pain. You will be in our thoughts as we push to the finish line.
    You will be our champion.
    I hope you are comfortable with this Cassie……Aunty Deb thought it would be ok 🙂
    So far we have 17 girls in “your” team !!
    We have an official fundraising page for the NBCF and we hope to raise a few dollars to help them in their amazing work.
    I have a facebook page if you would like to take a look at our group – ……and I will keep in touch with you to let you know how we are going in preperation for the Tri on November 4th.
    Thinking of you Cassie,
    Liss and the lissfit girls xx

  31. God grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change; the courage to change the things i can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

    Years ago, when i faced a tough situation, a friend sent this quote to me. It helped me realise that even though i was inevitably headed towards a rough time with good and bad days, there was alot i could do to make things easier for myself to work through it with a positive mind. I felt i had the courage to move forward through this hurdle and still maintain the person i am.

    Even though we have not yet had the chance to meet, i know in my heart you are strong enough and wise enough and have enough courage to beat this situation, to overcome this hurdle and be ok.

    Im so proud of your choice to make a blog, it shows how tough you are! To be able to share such personal details in such a positive way inspires me. You are going through something so difficult but are still able to sound so upbeat and strong despite the challenges that you face! Good on you Cas, reading this blog has made me smile, and cry. I wish you nothing but love and laughter, light and healing, your so brave and it inspires me to be brave in the tough times im going through.

    Im sending all my heart to you, Derek, Rosie & Polly. I love you all so much, regardless of us not knowing each other in person yet. Im proud to call you sister, to be apart of your life, to be able to share this hurdle with you through this blog. Know im always here for you, day or night. And i cant wait for you to be better, so we can be in each others lives in person too 🙂

    Much love and light Cas, we are all thinkingof you over here, Dad, Shae, my other half Chris and the kids 🙂

    Love you precious

    Love your little sis, Jazi
    Xx oo xx oo xx oo xx

  32. Cassie and Derek, we are thinking of you. Thanks for keeping us updated.
    Ladybugs are a spiritual sign, the people upstairs are looking out for you luv xox

  33. Hey Cassie!

    It’s Bindy from CW days. Firstly, what a shock to find out your news and read about it on this blog. I was looking you up to see about your Virtual Assistant business and it lead me here.

    Would love to catch up with you now your back in Brissy, if you are up to it sometime. Otherwise look forward to getting back in touch.

    Thinking of you!

  34. Hi,
    I found your site. I am fighting breast cancer, currently half way through chemo and just started my Herceptin and study drug. I find your blog very supportive! Please feel free to e-mail me if you ever want to talk.

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