My name is Cassie and I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Thursday 9 August 2012. I’ve started this blog to keep my friends and family updated on the good, the bad and the ugly plus also as a bit of therapy for myself.

If you’ve found this blog via a search engine, welcome, I hope you find either useful information or some comfort if you or a family member are also going through a similar journey to me. If you’re a friend or family member reading this, thanks for your love and support. It means so much during this extremely difficult time for not only myself but also for Derek and the girls.


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  1. I am also a Breast Cancer patient I was diagnosed with breast cancer HER2 positive get to know what breast cancer you have ask alot of question i was diagnosed 9 August 2011 just before my sons 29 birthday was very heart breaking i am now a cancer survivor I am still on chemo Herceptin but only have 2 more to do. I was so lucky to have work collages friends and family to help me thru you know who your very good friends are when you are going thru this and i am lucky all mine stayed with me. When i first found out I cried, swore got angry because just two weeks prior i found out my older sister had breast cancer also and my other sister had it 20 odd years ago so i would say it is in the family my niece had ovarian cancer so it must be in the blood i am doing the genetic testing to see if i have the BRAC1 or 2 but its a long process. My journey thru has been tough my family cried i had found a lump in my right breast but chose to get both taken of because i didnt want to go back a second time lucky i did because there was another cancer lump forming in my left breast and i was now a stage 4 cancer patient. I joked about my boobs not being there to people saying no more bras no more sore backs and i can ran with out them hitting me in the face lol and my boys would introduce me as there father and called me Nicholas our family has a good sense of humour and thats what kept me going thru the vomiting, being quarantine to the house when my immune system was down. Then people would say to me my friend had chemo and he didnt lose his hair and i would say not all chemo is the same no cancer is the same different cancer has diffrerent chemo sometimes people dont have to have chemo. The hardest thing i found with chemo was keeping my food down or just trying to eat. I would tell people that it was a good diet plan for me lol cause i had lost a lot of weight. When I lost my hair after the second week of chemo i cried for about half an hour cause lucky i shaved my hair short i had rather long hair i picked myself up looked in the mirror and laughed so loud that my family came running in looking at me strange i turned to them and seeing the shock on there face and said to them oh my goodness i look like a dog with mange lol and that broke the ice. I didnt want to see anybody in my first month of chemo cause i was very sick and deathly looking i made sure that everyone around me had a normal life not to let there life change because i had cancer my sons went to work as usual my youngest son still went to school and my daughter went to Hawaii for a holiday with her fiance and my husband had a rough time with it he left for a month and then came back but he was still there for me taking me to my appointments but now we are as strong as ever I dont hate him for him leaving me for that short time cause i know he just couldnt cope the important thing was he came back and thats all that mattered. Now its been just over a year and I will be celebrating every year I am here on this earth with my family and friends. Now thats a good excuse for a party lol.

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