Sedated but happy

I accidentally published the last post before I should have. Here it is again for those of you reading from your emails rather than online.

Another quick update before that though.

1 We got the house at Yeerongpilly and will most likely move in next week. Yay! Address is 31 Nathan Terrace. Check it out here if the link is still live:

Strange story but its a break lease because the husband has cancer and they’re returning to Adelaide for his treatment. Had a good chat with the wife.

2 Day surgery was a breeze. Had a good snooze afterwards and pretty tired now so off to bed soon. I think the good stuff is wearing off though as its starting to hurt a bit now.

Nervous about chemo tomorrow so more butterflies but at least they’ll have company with some food đŸ˜‰

See last post below if you’re reading this on email.


Butterflies and Ladybugs

Its currently Wednesday midday and I’m just waiting to go in for my day surgery to have the portacath put in place and thought I’d do a quick update. I’m hungry as I’ve had to fast since 7am this morning. I don’t do we’ll without food and am starting to get a bit shaky. Lucky I can have sips of water this time so the chances of getting dehydrated are slim. This should mean they shouldn’t have trouble finding a vein to sedate me.

It continues being a very busy week and its strange to say but it will be good to start the chemo so I can have a rest! It’s been go go go for too long now and I’m in desperate need of some down time of which in sure there’s plenty around the corner. Not too much though as its important to exercise to help keep extreme fatigue at bay.

Today I had have my heart tests redone as Dr N wasn’t happy with the reporting. So back to radiology for an Echo and ECG. I’m an old hand at these tests now and they’re not invasive at all so no trouble apart from the time. After the heart tests and before admitting to the Wesley for day surgery I had my hair cut. It’s super short back and sides with still a little bit of length on top. It’s spiky and funky and I quite like it. It’s not a style I wouldn’t normally get but it’s fun doing something a bit different. Dare to be different I say. Here’s a pic.


Oops just published this post before I’d finished it! Doing it in my phone and pressed the wrong button.

I have butterflies in my tummy today and have done since waking this morning. They’ve got lots of room in there to fly all around and not bump into any food which makes me feel them even more I think.

We finished packing the last bits up on Sunday and sent Derek on his way Sunday morning. Both girls were pretty good on the flight down and I got a lot out of watching Rosie enjoy a new experience. She’s flown before but now that she’s older it’s more fun. The unit at Southbank serves its purpose and is in a great location, just up the road from Derek’s new office and easy to get to where we need to go.

On Monday afternoon Derek and I went and viewed a property in Sherwood. Even though it tucks a lot of practical boxes, it’s a pretty small, confined house and yard. The thought of living there depressed me a bit and made me feel quite anxious. I feel it’s very important that for the next 12-15 months I’m happy in my surroundings. I would like to live somewhere bright and happy and cheery. Not somewhere small and dark and sad. Somewhere we can live as a family and feel at home. Lucky I’ve had my eye on another property in Yeerongpilly which we viewed on Tuesday and is much more suitable to my emotional needs. It’s a big old Queenslander and has a bigger yard with a pool plus a nice deck overlooking the pool. We hope to find out today whether its ours for the next 15 months. Everything is crossed for this one as our options are limited with not a lot suitable in the area we’re looking in.

On Tuesday I also had a physio appointment and she helped with the cording under my arm plus progressed my exercises. Actually we’ve had to take a step back on some of them due to me pushing some of them a bit far with the cording. I’ve been inflaming it and making it worse. The good thing is there is absolutely no swelling so no lymphoedema. Yay! I saw a physio in Rocky who kept saying she suspected I had a bit of lymphoedema and she had me a bit worried. It was most likely just swelling from surgery as its still early days in that regard.

Tuesday afternoon we had an informal interview with Rosie’s new daycare – Indooroopilly Montessori Children’s House or IMCH. We all loved it and have great confidence that she’ll be extremely happy there and will thrive. I still need to have a good read up about the learning and teaching methods of Montessori but from what I can gather she’ll be so well prepared for prep and primary school. It’s quite child led in the way the children can go from activity to activity of their own choosing in a fun and rewarding play environment. Independence is encouraged but nothing is ever forced. Derek and I were both very impressed with the set up and days activities that Rosie will partake in.

Derek and I ventured down to the West End for dinner last night. We had a Greek meze plate and it was yummo! Apparently taste buds can change with the chemo along with mouth ulcers so a bit worried about how that’s all going to affect my eating habits (let along the nausea…) It was a nice last meal out for a while. We felt like we’d gone back in time a bit eating out in Brisbane.

So that brings me back to the hereand now, in the waiting room of day surgery with lots of other people waiting their turns for what’re surgery they may be having today. I’m still hungry but at least writing this post has kept me entertained and stopped me thinking about my hunger for a while.

Oh, the ladybugs. Well that relates to my two little ladybugs Rosie and Polly plus the fact I keep seeing ladybugs everywhere at the moment (real and pictures, toys etc). I heard a story at the hairdressers today about a 3 year old girl with cancer and starting her treatment today. Of course it made me very sad but also glad that it’s me going through this and not one of my ladybugs.

I’m in! Will update more later.


8 thoughts on “Sedated but happy

  1. U look fabulous love! Haircut really suits u. so glad everything is falling into place with daycare, the house, and ur good news re no lumpno….(sp!).

    I love ur reference re day surgery being a breeze. Ur an old hat with hospitals now hey. Ur positive attitude continues 2 inspire me.

    I will be thinking of u 2moro as u start chemo. I will be praying 4 u, so know im thinking of u, as are all ur friends & family. Big hugs 2 derek as he helps u thru it.

    much love! I nearly made it all the way thru ur blog without crying this time! But then u came up with ur ladybug story didnt u, cheeky monkey.


  2. glad all is working out as best it can for the move. my nephew went to that centre & my neice is currently there & i’ve heard nothing but good reports! LOVE the hairdo!!!
    look forward to seeing you all soonxx

  3. Wonderful news on the house guys, it must be a relief to know you can stop looking. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Love you all lots xoxo

  4. Hi Cassie……so happy you have found the house that will give you peace of mind for the coming year or more. It looks wonderful and we are sure it will give you all many happy hours of fun family time together.
    We hope the chemo doesn’t knock you around too much tomorrow and that you are you old sparky self again really soon. the new hair do looks great and the girls are simply beautiful.
    Love Richard & Wendy xxx

  5. Hey Cassie,
    wow what a ride you been on in the last weeks/months. it’s interesting how priorities can change when your health needs attention.
    It was a little sad saying goodbye to Rosie at church last week, she has been such a delight, and a proper little ‘role model’. She told us in her words ‘i am going far away’ :-(. (We all had a few tears.)
    All the best with the chemo treatment.
    I do like your hair short, I think you may have had short hair when we first met.
    I had my breast three monthly check-up today and I am pleased to say i got a good report, I go back for check-up in twelve months.
    Last week I had a card from a friend who went through much the same as you with breast cancer. She is through her treatment and very pleased with her outcome.
    I know every situation is different, but the positives far out weigh the negatives.

    Thanks for the updates,
    God bless, Love Cherril (Steve)

  6. Hey auntie Cassie,
    I love what you are writing to keep us all up to date as some of us are not able to see you all the time. I miss you so much and hope you get better, I love you auntie Cassie. Your an amazing auntie I couldn’t ask for a better one.<3
    xx Kady (best/only niece ever!!) đŸ˜‰

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