Eat Healthy, Live Mindfully

My IV treatment has nearly come to an end.  Yippee!  I’m pretty bloody excited.  My last treatment is on 2 January and my portacath comes out during day surgery on Tuesday 7 January.  My breast surgeon is going to do the removal seeing as I was less than impressed with the insertion by the radiology team.  It’s been great having the portacath seeing as I had so many rounds of IV treatments.  Can’t imagine having that many in one arm.  No needles allowed on my operated side.  Derek, Rosie and Polly are going to come along for a visit while I’m having my last treatment.  It will be nice to have them there.

The main reason for this blog post though is to let you all know about my most recent project.  I’ve started another blog called eat healthy, live mindfully and it’s about my pilgrimage back to great fantastic amazing health.  I intend on sharing my progress and also lots of information along the way for anyone interested in also improving their own health.  I’m very excited about this project as I’m hoping it keeps me on track to health and wellness but also the possibility of helping others along the way.  Please visit the my eat healthy, live mindfully blog and sign up for email updates so they arrive straight into your inbox.  You can also find me here:

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I will continue giving updates on anything breast cancer related on this blog but I’ll be spending a lot more time over on the other blog so I hope to see you over there.

I also wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Enjoy the festivities and the special family time.  Thanks for reading this year and for your supportive messages.  They’ve helped me through some very dark days.  Here’s to 2014 being a great fantastic amazing year for everyone!

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